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Your wellness and health are important to us.

We get it. Daily stress from every day life builds up and can leave us drained and not knowing where to start to take the steps to care for ourselves. 

Mountain Springs Wellness offers products, services, education and information to assist you in incorporating self care into your lifestyle.

Nicole Rowles

RN,BSN, PHRN, CCRN- Clinical Aromatherapist & Herbalist

I grew up surrounded by holistic and naturopathic family members and culture. 

At the time, I didn’t question any of those practices, but as I grew older and started to have my own children, I started to question why we did this or took that for certain ailments or health issues, which led to a life of learning and educating myself!

I have always had an interest in caring for the person as a whole being.

Starting as an EMT at 16, I later became a Registered Nurse– where I found I could explore more education in Holistic/Naturopathic health-  one of my many interests.

From there I became very interested in birth work and care of the mother pre/post-partum, so I became a Doula and a Lactation Consultant. This work was very fulfilling, but took me away from my young children more often than I liked, so after 10 years, I tucked this experience away.

I also worked part time as a Prehospital provider moving into a Pre-Hospital RN role. This gave me the challenge outside of the hospital setting I needed to keep my skills fresh, and gave me the interaction with people I loved. 

Caring for people in a holistic manner, offering alternative therapies, has always been a passion and vision of mine.

Ten years ago, I started to envision a wellness center that could offer many holistic/naturopathic modalities and services. Today that vision has become a reality with Mountain Springs Wellness. 

I continue to learn and educate myself in naturopathic medicine and nutrition to be able to expand the services I offer to the community.

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